RX PharmaIncrease your prescriptions through targeted customer activations

Help your commercial teams achieve greater relevance with customers. Based on your internal channel mix data, SimCog identifies the most promising activation patterns of your target physicians. Whether it’s content, channel or timing, our automated recommendations, customized for each physician, help you achieve optimal prescribing behavior.

What impact does an event, an email, or a contact through a Hybrid Call really have? How does a website interact with a field visit to impact your customer?

With SimCog, you will find answers to these previously unresolved questions in pharmaceutical sales. Our specially developed “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant” enables you to analyze and simulate the effectiveness of these channels individually or collectively. With this sound foundation, you’ll take the optimal actions for your channel mix.

Which interdependencies do we identify for you?

  • Singular channel measurement

    Which channels affect sales and how?

  • Singular measurement of content effectiveness

    What effect does the individual channel content have on customer activation?

  • Activation score of individual physician

    Which physician can you best activate at what time for which product?

  • Next best action

    Which action should be prioritized for the individual customer?

Our approach

  • Check

    Based on historical data, we check the interdependencies between interventions and prescriptions at the individual physician level.

  • Adjust

    In this step, we show you which of your actions, in combination with others, will achieve the best possible sales effect.

  • Plan

    Based on these insigts, SimCog develops a custom AI that gives you validated simulations of prescriber behavior. With these simulations, you adjust your budget so that your actions achieve the optimum sales effect.

  • Do

    On a day-to-day basis, our tailored AI supports your commercial teams by providing real-time suggestions. Based on an intelligent digital-twin solution, your employees learn which actions achieve the highest sales effect at which physician at which time. The result: a highly effective “next best action”.

What's behind all this?The AI black box simply explained

  • Digital twin

    SimCog uses an AI technology based on digital twins of target customers for the RX pharma sector.

  • Data collection

    For each customer, AI creates a digital twin where relevant, customer-related data is collected over time (e.g. customer-specific activities & relevant customer factors from your CRM system; brick sales).

  • Pattern recognition

    The specially developed AI recognizes complex, non-linear patterns based on the large number of data points. These are translated into a robust cause-and-effect (activity/prescription) model at the individual physician level.

Another new system?The integration of our AI technology

With SimCog’s AI technology, you upgrade existing CRM systems without having to establish a new system in your company.

Increase your customer activation in just a few steps:

  • Initial conversation

    Data check, project outline

  • Data mining

    Data transfer, data cleaning and data fusion

  • Analytics

    AI architecture adaptation, training and validation

  • Insights

    Answer initial questions, derive recommendations for action

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