OTC PharmaIncrease your revenue with AI-based media planning while maintaining your media budget

Help your marketing team make informed decisions for the media mix. In the complexity of the relevant internal and external data, the OTCSim software recognizes interdependencies and provides the right media mix at any time – whether you want to optimize your sales or your budget.

What influences do the weather, corona case numbers or competitors’ media plans have on your business? How do the holidays interact with corona or the start of the flu season to affect your turnover?

OTCSim provides you with answers to these so far unsolved questions in the pharmaceutical sector. Our specially developed “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant” enables you to analyze the effectiveness of these influences individually or coherently as well as simulate them. Based on this, you make the optimum decisions for your channel mix.

The individual steps

  • 1

    Continuous data fusion

    Automatically link relevant data sources and strategically increase data treasures

  • 2

    Algorithm setup & trainings

    Develop algorithms and grasp the success patterns and special characteristics of OTC pharma markets

  • 3

    Algorithm monitoring & improvement

    Ensure that no success drivers or hidden costs go undetected

  • 4

    Data science software & analysis support

    Valuable support from our data scientists with proven expert know-how

  • 5

    Simulation using the OTCSim software

    New answers & insights from real-time advertising simulations

  • 6

    Interface with data and insight visualizations

    Efficient automation of visualizations and intelligent reportings

PIAPIA - your personal AI assistant for better marketing and sales decisions

PIA assists you in channel planning to achieve business goals e.g.: More sales with the same budget achieve sales targets with minimal budget.

PIA determines the direct sales effect of media spending and sales measures hypotheses-free, using artificial intelligence. Behavior of competition, channel synergies and external factors are taken into account.

Further information at: pia-pharma.de

OTCSim advantages at a glance

  • AI optimization of turnover and media budget

    based on your optimization goal

  • Self-learning algorithms

    guarantee “continuous learning”

  • Effort of OTCSim setup

    The setup binds one FTE on the customer side for max. 3 days

  • Our transparent model allows

    Interest-independent simulations for annual planning as well as adjustments during the year / learning from the competition / ongoing quality control based on prediction quality

  • Ongoing customer success service and data science support

    Support with the annual planning including automated AI media plan creation / annual goal monitoring / monthly anomaly and alert reporting videos

  • Predictive analytics from SimCog complement our offer ideally.
    Michael HensoldtInsight HealthManaging Director

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