MethodologySimCog methodology

The customized predictive analytics solutions provided by SimCog follow a stepwise procedure that we have continuously improved since 2012.

Focus on

01.01. Business impact

Identify use case with maximum business impact

Make the most out of your data

02.02. Data input

Structured internal data

Structured external data

Unstructured external data

03.03. Powered by the most powerful machine learning technologies

Aggregated data

Your custom-made and self-learning algorithms

Pattern recognition and simulation model

04.04. Prediction & simulation

Machine learning empowered forecasts of demand, sales, prices and other business-related variables

Optimised decision-base for marketing spend, pricing, replenishment, staffing and other key drivers of success

Integrate into existing processes

05.05. Implementation

Get ready to boost performanceWe enable very smooth integration into any IT-, planning, ERP system or manual decision-making process

Protection of your data has maximum priority to us.

01. Business impactLet's focus on the forecast with the highest incremental value to your business The better you can describe which planning problem is the most crucial to solve, the more value we can provide for you.

02. Data inputThe first step to a prediction is the analysis and the refinement of existing data.This data is combined with structured external data, such as geodata, holiday seasons or weather. SimCog can additionally include unstructured (text-)data (e.g from social media, blogs, or news) if appropriate in your case of application.

03. Powered by the most powerful machine learning technologiesFrom Pattern Recognition to a Simulation ModelThe next step is a complex machine learning process to detect and verify linear and non-linear patterns in the data, resulting in a customised simulation model of the examined processes.

04. Prediction & simulationRecommended Action / Output
When the machine learning is completed, SimCog can predict important indicators (sales, visitor flows, etc.) for your business. This detailed causality analysis enables SimCog to assess the influence of individual variables, for instance to enhance marketing spend efficiency.

05. ImplementationMake the most out of improved forecasts We support a smooth integration into any existing IT-, planning or ERP system (e.g. SAP), install the algorithm source code in your system or develop a web application with one single goal which is to enable the best way of improved decision-making.