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Our data analytics allows you to use artificial intelligence. Therefore you can improve your decisions based on all insights from your data.

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    Decrease your advertising budget up to 12% with constant turnover

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    Up to 25% time savings through optimally coordinated work processes

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    Up to 3% increase in sales through intelligent discounting

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  • Since 2015, we use simcog's artificial intelligence to improve our customer service constantly

    Oliver HöringCEO

The new art of forecasting

Forecasts are as old as humanity itself and a challenging business. From science to religion, people have always tried to make predictions about the future in all areas. "Forecasts are difficult, especially if they concern the future," is a popular motto attributed to Mark Twain, Karl Valentin, Niels Bohr, or even Winston Churchill. And yet, something has changed. An ever-growing wealth of available data, new methods of data analysis, and increased computational power have created a whole new basis for forecasting. Self improving algorithms are now able to find underlying patterns in the Data and therefore make huge amounts of data understandable and accessible as never before in human history. Innovative companies that recognize this change and opportunity are are able to gain a head start on competitors by utilizing the latest technologies for in-depth decision making. At SimCog, we believe that this technology should be available to all, not only to the few leading tech companies. With our team of particle physicists trained at CERN, we have made our mission simple; make the usability of high-tech solutions in the area of artificial intelligence as easy and beneficial as possible. Therefore we would like to present our custom-made solutions and develop a concrete concept on how your business can benefit.

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